Spring for SIDS 2011

This page was created to give you details on our Spring for SIDS 2011 campaign.

Official SIDS Website

Spring for SIDS

Visit the above websites to get detailed information!

Now, what are we doing? How are we remembering? We are on a mission! We want to spread as much awareness and raise money to fund the research and promotion of infant health through research, education and family support. Although the SIDS mortality rate has decreased drastically, it still remains to be responsible for an average of 2500 infant deaths a year. That's 2500 parents left without their babies to hold. That's 2500 funerals, memorial services arranged a year. That's 2500 families left to wonder why. It is my hope to be a small part in reducing that number. One day we hope to see it at ZERO! How wonderful would that be?!

So here is what we're doing. On my home page, on the right sidebar, you will see a donate button. Click there to make your donation! For every $20(adult size) or $15(youth size) donation you will get one of these... ($20/$15=1, $40/$30=2, $60/$45=3, etc.)
Shirts are available in youth and adult sizes. Proceeds will go to the SIDS organization. It can be worn on April 29th in honor of my Savanna and all those gone too soon. You can also make your own ribbon and sport it on that day! With a minimum $5 donation you will receive a lapel sticker to wear that day!

Learn how to make your very own SIDS ribbon here. This website is also a great source for those walking this journey. There are wonderful resources and information. This was one of the first sites we found while trying to search for the answers of why. We soon learned we were not alone.

Here is an example of a ribbon... 

 How can you help???

*Work in an office or salon? See if you can put a donation jar out and collect donations from customers. I will be designing a flyer this week. I will post it on here for you to copy and paste for yourself.
*Pass out flyers to anyone and everyone!
* Work at a place that requires business professional dress? See if you can have a jean pass! For every dollar donated, associates can wear jeans!

Those are just a few ideas. If you choose to be an active participant and part of our steering community, please contact me at t.bogue@live.com I will stay in contact with you to let you know when we will need funds to ensure we can reconcile and get them to the organization in a timely manner.

T-shirts will be ordering will close on the 1st of April to allow time for the company to process the order and ship it out. Not in Texas?? Don't worry.. we'll ship it directly to you once it comes in! :) How great would that be to have someone in each state wearing a shirt or a ribbon in honor of our Savanna!?

Help us reach our goal of $500!